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Winter Time in Crete.

           Visit Crete...and live like Cretan!

Have you ever thought to spend your winter holidays in Crete?

 If not, then maybe it is your perfect option for this winter!

Crete is a unique destination offering different pleasures in every season.

 In winter, it is a great opportunity to get to know the place in its original form.

Places to visit.....Things to do.....

            in Crete during Winter time!


  1. Olive Harvest- visit olive properties and experience the procedure of olives harvest.

  2. Visit Olive mill and experience the procedure of production of fresh olive oil, the taste  of fresh warm olive oil in Cretan Rusk with lemon.

  3. Visit Cretan Wineries and enjoy Cretan wines .

  4. Visit traditional Raki distillery, experience the entire procedure to distilling Raki        and try it right from the source. “Kazanemata”

  5. Pottery Art, Experience the production of handmade ceramic arts.

  6. Soap Production, Experience the production of traditional olive oil soap.

  7. Komboloi – Experience the Designing and producing contemporary Greek worry beads.

  8. Pasta Production, Experience traditional Cretan pasta products.

  9. Candles Production, Handmade candles production.

  10. Experience the production of Cretan Cheeses, Graviera, Mitzithra, Xinogalo, Kefalotyri, Athotyros, Staka.

  11. Knives production, Experience the production of Cretan Knives and place your own poem on them.

  12. Cretan traditional uniform production (uniforms of folklore shows) history and production.

  13. Cretan traditional Boots production (Stivania)

  14. Lyra - Laouto - Cretan Traditional Instruments productions

  15. Production of Cretan handmade textiles – (Argalios) Sariki, Vourgia, tablecloths,         with a long history in the Cretan culture.

  16. Visit of Honey Production farms.

  17. Visit of Farms with Goats and Sheeps, live the experience of collecting milk and BBQ     on top of the mountains – "Antikristo".

  18. Basket Knitting, an almost lost profession.

  19. Experience the hagiography of Greek Orthodox Churches

  20. Traditional Bakeries, wood stove bread cooking

  21. Wood carving.

  22. Production of herbs & spices and their subproducts

  23. Production of essential oils, a unique experience of making essential oils                     from Cretan herbs

  24. Herbs collecting and packag

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Hersonissos, Crete, Greece
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